Monday, November 30, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Foundation: Barringer Research Fellowship for Teachers of American History 2010

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is pleased to announce the Barringer Fellowship for Teachers of American History, which is designed to provide individual teachers an opportunity to research and study at Monticello and the Jefferson Library. The fellowship will allow teachers to work on Jefferson-specific projects such as lesson plans, curricular units, resource packets, or syllabus outlines that will enhance their classroom teaching. Fellowship recipients will spend two weeks in independent research and consultation with Monticello scholars on projects that relate directly to Thomas Jefferson and that will enhance their classroom presentations.

The successful applicants will be chosen by a selection committee according to evidence of their success as a teacher; demonstration that the fellowship will relate to the teaching skills and needs of the applicant; and the commitment and qualifications of the applicant to undertake a concentrated study relating to the life and times of Thomas Jefferson.

Fellowships will be awarded to qualified elementary and secondary teachers who are employed full-time in the classroom. The Barringer Fellowship grant will include: a stipend of $1,500; travel costs up to $1,000; up to $1,400 for lodging in a local hotel; and up to $50 per day for food. The grant can be taken at any time during the recipient's summer vacation, with Foundation approval.

Fellows will be asked to turn in a copy of their research project as well as a lesson plan suitable for publication on the Monticello Digital Classroom. To access the portal for students click here, and to access resources for teachers click here.

The Barringer Research Fellowship Program was made possible by a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Barringer II.

For more information:
Filing deadline: February 5, 2010.

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