Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ansel Adams: University of Hawaii History Class, 1958

Today's Honolulu Star Advertiser features some historical photos of Hawaii by Ansel Adams. All are dated from 1958, or 55 years ago.

The one featured here is a a history class at the University of Hawaii. Go to the Star Advertiser web site via the hyperlink and look for the 'Photo Album' section. Enjoy!

Go to this link for the PBS American Experience site on the life and legacy of Ansel Adams. The National Park Service also has fine examples of his work. Go to this link. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Can you help? Hawaiian Medal?

We recently received this emailed letter:

I just noticed your recent thread on LinkedIn (Historians, Librarians, and Archivists), which reminded me of a late nineteenth-century, cabinet photo in my collection of a man wearing a medal, the photographer was A.S. Hood, a Hawaiian photographer. The medal worn is the Royal Order of Kapiolani, which was awarded sparingly (the last in 1892). (Click here)

Given the scarcity of the medal, my hope is that the sitter was a well-known personage within the circle of King Kalākaua. I asked the Bishop museum some years ago if they had an idea of whom the sitter was, but it was beyond their ken. I had hoped it would be an easy task given the various Hawai'i orders and decorations were not bestowed lightly (within the kingdom, at least). I will attach the image and allow your members to muse on the identity of the sitter. With many thanks for your attention,


William P. Jones, J.D., M.A.

Can you help with the author's request? See the picture above and email us at

TCC Online Conference 18th Annual "Technology, Colleges and Community" Online Conference

We just received news of the 2013 18th Annual Technology, College and Community Online Conference. It is scheduled for April 16-18, 2013.

The Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference (TCC Online Conference) is a virtual, professional development event held annually online. This event enables faculty, staff, students and administrators in higher education worldwide to share their expertise and engage in discussions about innovations and practices related to the use of technology for teaching and learning.
TCC runs on a real-time schedule, with a starting date and a closing date. It also includes activities such as live presentations and discussion sessions that begin and end at set times throughout the day. The conference theme revolves around current trends and issues related to technology for teaching and learning. For further information, contact the conference coordinators:
To register please go to this link. PLEASE NOTE: You must register by April 2, 2013 to qualify for the $99 early bird reduced rate. This rate increases to $129.